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Steam incremental tag

Hi everyone,

Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but ive noticed there isnt a tag in steam for Incremental games.

I think there has to be enough people adding that tag for it to show up.

So since this is the place where there are enough people that like incremental games, id like to encourage everyone to add the Incremental tag to whatever Incremental games people have on steam.


Examples of steam ones i have and play are

Magic Research

Factroy Town Idle

the Gnorp Apologue


I know there are a bunch of others, they are just my most recent 3.

So i guess this is a "call to arms" for anyone currently playing an incrementel, you just need to go to the store page of an incremental game, and then on the right hand side near the preview pictures of the game there should be an area for "Popular User-Defined tags". Just add Incremental to that and see if we can get enough people using it that you can actually search by that tag!

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