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Track_Shovel ,

It's the same face I am making trying to figure out the eye makeup

Track_Shovel ,

I had one that was a hand crank thing. It actually worked pretty well. Whenever I thought that was it for my Diablo II CD, I would run it though there and Presto: good as new.

My Xbox 1 also had this weird thing where it sounded like it was fucking eating the CD too. If it got too grumpy we would use the crank and boom: back to teabagging people in Halo.

Track_Shovel OP ,

one of my favourite tracks.

spicy take - they are pop, rather than metal.

Track_Shovel OP ,

They're a great act, I really enjoy them, but I'm not sure they fit as metal

Track_Shovel OP ,

Why isn't hyperdrive! or deadhead on there. His Lightwork album is great too.

Track_Shovel OP ,

If you like Tool, check out Wheel

Track_Shovel OP ,

Check out Unreqvited; Blackbraid; and Brutus

Track_Shovel OP ,

Alcest. Run, don't walk, to check them out.

Track_Shovel OP ,

I've been a rock/sabbath geek for years and years. Last 2 years or so, I've done some big deep dives into power metal for the most part: Haunt, Wytch Hazel, Night Demon. I've been progressively getting heavier and I can finally tolerate growling vocals (which were a non starter for me for a LONG time).

Track_Shovel OP , (edited )

I'm listening to Botanist.

Fucking weird, but fucking good.

Hamfero is pretty solid.

In exchange I offer Devil



And Warmoon Lord

Track_Shovel OP ,

Thanks man, I appreciate the props.

Try Psychedelic Witchcraft

Girl power.

Stonefield reminds me of Hippie Death Cult

Track_Shovel OP ,

Echostar reminds me of Witchcraft in that his vocals are so clean that it almost doesn't jive with the genre.

I don't dislike it by any means. Just have to work a little to get into it. Echostar is unbelievably technical. Their syncopation and noise control are otherworldly

Track_Shovel OP ,

Archers are fucking amazing

Try Summerlands

Or Eternal Champion

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