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Hi, if you still need more mods I would gladly help out!

I primarily reside in the MST/MDT timezone, and spend a pretty good amount of time browsing here and the general fediverse (https://blahaj.land/@ty), so I would be able to give it my all when required. Unfortunately I don't post much myself mainly due to a lack of creativity and just because most of the memes I have are from c/196 itself, though I really love the community that has developed here

As for existing experience, I moderate/admin a (at present) 131626 member discord server surrounding a Minecraft mod (I can give you the invite and/or my username if you want), so I have experience dealing with people and helping resolve issues as fast as I can when needed. I have been doing staff-related roles in that server since December 1st 2020, so I am not very new to moderating online spaces :)

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