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some_guy ,

I can get behind this.

ericbomb ,

There is a cross walk near my house that leads to a park I take my dog to. In 2 years not one car has stopped...

Could a brick solve my problem?

delirious_owl ,
@delirious_owl@discuss.online avatar

It wasn't an April fools joke tho. It actually exists and it actually works.

lgsp OP ,
@lgsp@feddit.it avatar

Well it is a permanent April fools provocation.

And then, if it works, it works!


delirious_owl ,
@delirious_owl@discuss.online avatar

Oh, the bricks are foam? That's dumb.

Has anyone put actual bricks there yet?

WhiteRabbit_33 ,

It can be both, and in this case is. They put the foam bricks in place as an April fools joke to raise awareness and plan to leave them, but they don't think the city will allow the foam bricks to stay.


RagnarokOnline ,

I think “brick” could be a solution to a lot of life’s current challenges…

Michal ,

Housing shortage, sure

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