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ObviouslyNotBanana ,
@ObviouslyNotBanana@lemmy.world avatar

That suspension is gonna hate life

venusaur ,
@venusaur@lemmy.world avatar

Looks like some geodes, dude

Semivir ,

Drive them over a bumpy road and it all turns into a bunch of gravel.. err yeah.

Smorty ,

Gotta get that to Clint, still need that ancient artifact

venusaur ,
@venusaur@lemmy.world avatar

They could be fossils

steal_your_face , (edited )
@steal_your_face@lemmy.ml avatar

Put ‘em in the pokreball ya dingus

Patches , (edited )

Bubzy Wubsy is a Free-Range Onyx.. we would never put him in a Poké Ball.

MeDuViNoX ,

Should have put it back in the ball, it would have been a lot easier to move.

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