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MargotRobbie ,
@MargotRobbie@lemm.ee avatar

The beauty of the federated platform is that you get to choose the version of the person you want to follow: would you rather follow the President Biden on Threads, or the President Biden on Femboy Breeding College? It's a multiple choice question.

Of course, it's probably best if the US government setup their own domain like mastodon.whitehouse.gov if they really cared to have an official account that they have full control over.

anarchoilluminati ,
@anarchoilluminati@hexbear.net avatar
KingThrillgore ,
@KingThrillgore@lemmy.ml avatar



rollingflower ,

What is a potus?

And why would a president use fucking threads but not a normal server? Liability?

TheSlad ,

President Of The United States

rollingflower ,

Lol wtf that sounds so dumb

h3mlocke ,
@h3mlocke@lemm.ee avatar

I thinkbits an abbreviation 🤷‍♀️

TheSlad ,

Not as dumb as the SCOTUS (supreme court of the united states)

rollingflower ,

Hahaha okay thats less bad.

DrSteveBrule ,

There is also FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States), or if you were me hearing that for the first time, you thought it was a shortened name for Flying Lotus.

bingbong ,


01189998819991197253 ,
@01189998819991197253@infosec.pub avatar

Supreme Court Representative Of The United States

Chadus_Maximus ,

Yeah. It should be Presidental United States Serving Incumbent.

histic ,

because the US loves relying on private companies

mojo_raisin ,

What is a potus?

It stands for something, like Piece Of Titanic Unethical Shit I can't remember.

Harbinger01173430 ,

It's putos backwards or something. I don't know spanglish

InfiniWheel ,

Maybe its cause its corporate backed instead of some guys? As in, they have tech support and people to sue.

Siethron ,

Weird way to spell blahaj

ImplyingImplications ,

I could see the old man making his account
"Breeding college? I'm a big supporter of American agriculture."

Midnitte ,

The news for context.

morrowind OP ,
@morrowind@lemmy.ml avatar

Thanks, I should have linked it

Suoko ,
@Suoko@feddit.it avatar

Is the "other blonde guy" with his gab network also federated?

nxdefiant ,

not blonde, just old

...and I hope not, bleh.

infuziSporg ,
@infuziSporg@hexbear.net avatar

Missed opportunity to make a President Birden acc tbh

fl42v ,

Huh, why would one make up a bird? A reference to the memespiracy theory that birds don't exist?

tourist ,
@tourist@lemmy.world avatar

listen here bucko

don't call it a conspiracy theory

it's confirmed, just do your research

have you ever seen a bird? Like really see it up close?

yah dint think so

joelfromaus ,
@joelfromaus@aussie.zone avatar

I’ve only ever seen a bird up-close to replace its AAA battery.

Tetsuo ,

This guy birds.

numberfour002 ,

This bird, guys.

01189998819991197253 ,
@01189998819991197253@infosec.pub avatar

AAA? Sheesh! How old is that bird? The ones I've dealt with all use 10150 lithium.

fl42v ,

Back in the day I used to store a skeleton of one under my bed; twas quite funny when my parents found it. Also, a few of those flew into my face when I was retrieving it. Does that count?

tourist ,
@tourist@lemmy.world avatar

nice try fed

systemglitch ,

I... I saved a baby birds life a couple years ago. It passed the baby bird Turing test. Squeek squeek.

Viking_Hippie ,

You've got it all wrong: it's an instance dedicated to discussion and advice regarding cosmetics for birds.

dariusj18 ,

This was my first thought. Or just referring to women as "birds".

NateNate60 ,

Are any of these accounts legitimate?

lugal ,

The last one has the verification symbol

No seriously, I the the first is his real account and the second is a Twitter clone

tja ,
@tja@sh.itjust.works avatar

The Twitter clone is just copying his tweets from Twitter. So you can be relatively sure, that the content is also real.

twei ,

would be really fucking funny tho if they just posted some fake tweets from time to time

knorke3 ,

ah, yes: salting for improved security, i've heard that before!

bjoern_tantau ,
@bjoern_tantau@swg-empire.de avatar

As can be clearly seen by the legitimacy indication hyper checkmark super check, only the last one is legit.

Dirk ,
@Dirk@lemmy.ml avatar

"breed me daddy Biden uwu~"?

jaybone ,

I hope you are all happy with yourselves.

Dirk ,
@Dirk@lemmy.ml avatar

Aren't we all constantly unhappy with ourselves anyways?

tpyoman ,

I know I am.

thesporkeffect ,

No, it's the other way around

The_Che_Banana ,
@The_Che_Banana@beehaw.org avatar


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